Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Conservatives Against Conservation Association takes on Earth Hour!

1. Earth Hour is a global demonstration where people turn off their lights and appliances for an hour to raise awareness about global warming and plant the idea of energy conservation in people's heads.

2. Conservatives come back with Human Achievement Hour, in which people turn all their lights and appliances ON, to show how stupid liberals are.

3. Twitter channel #tcot becomes flooded with gleeful reports of "My block is lighted up like a Christmas tree!" and "I even have my car and motorcycle running in my driveway!"

4. I become aware of this, and start tweeting sassy tweets like "#earthhour #tcot Liberals are saving money tonight. Conservatives are spending money. Who's dumb?" and "Join us in bright lights! We're the Conservatives Against Conservation Association! #caca #earthhour #tcot"

5. Somebody RETWEETS my thing about Conservatives Against Conservation, as if it was a serious post.

6. People start actually using the hashtag #caca which was created by me to be funny and stupid.


  1. People sure got fired up over this. I confess, I left my lights on. I had my reasons. Does that mean that I "vote for global warming"? No. I did keep my heat off all day, and it was cold, too.

  2. They must have been part of the Conservatives With No Sense of Humour Party. Sheesh.

    While I think that turning the lights off wasn't going to make a huge impact... that wasn't the point, was it... it was to RAISE AWARENESS. I can't believe how many people didn't get that, lol...

  3. Earth Hour was lame, no doubt about it. I'd be satisfied if people could simply remember to pick up after their dogs.

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