Monday, November 12, 2007

Take the Books to Disney World: Kennedy Space Center

After our night of rocketry on Cocoa Beach, we were enthusiastic about going to Kennedy Space Center today. Except, that is, for that dismal damned Kierkegaard book, who stayed home to pout. He said he doesn't like being taken out of context. Well.

At Kennedy Space Center, a non-NASA company has been contracted to make the visitor complex into an amusement-park-like experience. When Benny said, "This is just like Disney World!" I knew that either they had succeeded, or else Benny is getting his nerd on very young.

At first We the Living was a little giddy on all the iconography:

But she took a seat with a friend:

To watch The House of the Seven Gables ride the Space Shuttle simulator:

Speaking of our quiet, colonial friend, The House of the Seven Gables was shy around the living astronauts:

But was chillingly comfortable with astronauts of the past:

So I said, "Let go of that suffocating history, The House of the Seven Gables. You can be free." Free in a Mercury rocket crew capsule. C'mon, everyone climb aboard!

As I Lay Dying kept sidling up to the robots. This one quipped, "How about As I Lay Rusting?" Ha ha!

All three of the books enjoyed the IMAX 3D movies:

However, We the Living just had to point out that the lock on the bathroom stall was very ineffeciently put together, the screw holes skewed, the whole mechanism crooked. Well, NASA? Is this your idea of the pinnacle of man's technological achievement? His hand reaching like a rocket into the void? This crappy bathroom stall lock? Sickeningly unRoarkian. Tsk tsk.

So full of eye-rolling and scorn was she after her trip to the potty that she wouldn't even join the other books on the lunar rover.

I think my guests all learned something, and they definitely all made friends. When even a musty and tremulous book like The House of the Seven Gables can get its spine around an astronaut, certainly Faulkner would have no trouble charming my kids:

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