Friday, November 2, 2007

Nanowrimo Day 2: Violating Nanowrimo Rule #1

I edited. I threw out about 1500 words from last night, boiled my first three paragraphs down to one, and redid what I had of chapter 1. I know it's wrong, and I hate myself for it (not really) but there was no way I could continue my adorable novel with that steaming pile of excrement sitting at the beginning of it. If I end up on November 30 with 48,500 words, I'll feel a pang or two. Or maybe I'll just dump those 1500 words back in, I wrote them in November after all, and celebrate with everyone else.

I don't know what it is about writing female main characters. Last year's novel had a female MC that I just loved so much I could have eaten her in a flauta. She failed to translate that on the page. Nobody liked her but me. I thought she was resolute, fragile, militant, tense, knock-kneed, and great. Apparently I wrote something that made her seem like a grey robot. There may be some kind of personal lack, here, with my inability to inhabit female characters. Let's see, would that be self-loathing? Stifling self-awareness? Or... not enough self-awareness to determine what my problem could be.

Dan is putting the children to bed so I can word-war my way back up to par. It's my sincere hope that I can avoid any more dumps of that nature, but it's a possibility. It may wreck my Nano, but because of the subject matter and what I've chosen to get myself into, I can't just power through this one. Great choices, me!


  1. My first 3000 words are useless, plus an additional 300 here and there are filler until I think of something better. I'm resisting the urge to edit, because while I don't really have any shining moments of brilliance that makes it all worthwhile yet, there are a few little places where I've gone "Ooh. That's pretty good."

    I'm just going to try to go with the good bits, and leave the filler where it's at until the end of November. I mean, I had to write a lot of "bad" to get to the good, so it should count for something.

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