Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nanowrimo Day 8: An Important List

1. NBC's Thursday night comedy treatment of the green theme has been very, very satisfying. Self-referential, flippant, morbid, and delightful. Applause. It is also totally funny that the PSAs are paid for by Walmart.

2. Tonight I am going to write the next chapter of my novel.

3. Tomorrow I am packing my gay little bag with ten lucky books to accompany me and my family to Disney World. There's still time to get yours in the bag! Well, really no. Not really. I will announce lucky travellers tomorrow.

4. I have a very strong feeling that I am going to get to 10,000 words tonight. You heard me. Tonight.

5. There are really lots of things to do tomorrow. Apparently I need to pack more things than just books I plan to photograph in surprising locations. Like ears, different shoes for my children, my phone charger, and peanuts.

6. This is the time to write that difficult chapter. Right before a big long trip. Because after I write that difficult chapter, I'm going go bangass on the laptop in the car on Saturday.

7. Last year on the way to Disney World I knit a whole sweater. It was an ill-fitting sweater for a two-year-old who hates sweaters, and while it looked white-and-blue on the skein it actually looked urine-and-blue on the garment. But.

8. I am going to give away my first Bookbeast soon. Scroll down for Bookbeasts.

9. And yet, my children are not yet asleep. It is after 10:00. What can they possibly be doing.

10. I appreciate NBC trying to change my mind, but I am happy to report that I'm able to resist it. And drive a minivan a zillion miles to prove it.


  1. I saw a flyer hanging up at Elliot's about nanowrimo. It made me think of you! Hope all is well. Of course, your blogs tell me that all IS well! Later! deb

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