Monday, November 5, 2007

Nanowrimo Day 5: New Glasses Will Definitely Help

I got new glasses today. I'm going to not write until I get them tomorrow. I am pretty sure that all of my difficulties are located in these old glasses:

I tried on some new glasses with my seven-year-old son helping me:

At the moment that picture was taken, he was helping me by quietly playing Crash Bandicoot on his Nintendo DS. I decided I am over the black plastic. Like totally done. So, bronze or silver?

When I put the silver on, Benny said, "Mother! You look like an angel! Well, you look like you just got done being an angel and you still have your glasses on!"

I got the bronze. As soon as I pick them up from the glasses store, I will recommence writing the novel. I don't think an angel who forgot to take off her glasses could possibly grapple with my ugly crank of a novel. So. Tomorrow I totally promise to bring you more self-indulgent pictures to go along with my self-indulgent skylarking on my novel. All self-portraits! All the time! The new Harpoonist is sensitive to her own angles.


  1. clearly it was the glasses - they were nice glasses (the old ones) - but i can see how the NEW *BRONZE* glasses are reallly going to make it all happen. they are magic glasses that will help get the words from your brain to the page.

    hmm...i should get new glasses too. i've had these for 7 years now...maybe *MY* magic new glasses would get my house clean. you think maybe?

    heh heh

    so - GO GO GO NANO!!! i know the good stuffs you have inside of you and this will be SO good to get down on the page! so GET THOSE GLASSES and then GET THEE TO THE COMPUTER!


  2. LOL - new glasses will help! And it looks good on you! Go get 'em!

  3. I was going to say bronze, before I read all the way down and found out that bronze was the right answer! How about that? I'm still with the plastic, because I love the hinges on these glasses.

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