Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nanowrimo Day 3: AHA!

Today I had my first big AHA moment. AHA moments are so juicy, so ecstatic, so indescribably satisfying -- they may be the only reason writing is at all pleasurable for some of us. Today a neighbor character, who was to be just a generic manly-man, appearing in only one scene to act bemused and shocked and then go away forever, turned out to be a local newscaster with a very interesting backstory, including the fact that he sleeps upside down.

Last year, Dan and I put a bid in on a house that we thought we'd like to renovate, owned by a local newscaster. What Susannah and I saw when we walked through the house was so shocking, so paralytically fictional, that we just knew that it had to be used in a novel. And now it will be. Because when Carl the neighbor turned up at the scene of the accident, it was actually Carl the anchorman. That was a big deal, today, especially when the words are coming so slowly, and I keep having to rip out paragraph after paragraph because it just doesn't work.

Good for me.

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