Friday, October 21, 2011

Cold in Pennsylvania

Last night the children were tucked into bed with both the dogs, all under their new big electric blanket. When I went to bed they were slumbering away. Then starting at 2am, this happened: 1. Sadie wanted in with me (in my tiny bed). 2. Pork Chop realized Sadie was not there and began a house search, which she repeated, with clicking nails, until I got up and got her. 3. Sadie kicked her out of bed and I got up and got her. 4. Sadie kicked her out of bed and I got up and got her. 5. Sadie... you get the idea.

And that cat is currently trying to pound down the back door. It has already consumed two thingers of Meow Mix but it says it wants in.

Being here makes me feel immersed in my new novel, which is good but bad.

1 comment:

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