Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another Dead Bird

My children found a dying bird in the yard today, an elderly robin that looked like it had been attacked by a hawk. It just fell down out of the sky, inches from my daughter. Of course they picked it up and made a bed for it and tried to feed it and give it what they call "care." Which... is great. Nothing says "you're going to have a lovely evening full of cheer with hardly any morbid conversations about death and the hereafter" like a dying bird on the porch. Here's the burial site:

What I like about this is that the bird's lifespan is listed as 1:00-5:00. That would be PM, as in the amount of time the bird was in my kids' possession. What came before that was not important enough to note.


  1. I can relate to this. We have a bird (poor thing apparently thought my car window was open, it wasn't), a bat (hit by a car in front of our house), and a toad buried in our backyard along with our kitty and sprintyfast the lizard. All mourned and loved by the children.

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