Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello Paperback!

Today the paperback edition of Shine Shine Shine is in stores! This is very exciting because it has special bonus material, a brand new cover, and I corrected the part where I called a river one name when it actually should have been another name. You pretty much need this version. Otherwise you might never recover from the whole river-misnaming fiasco that I perpetrated in the hardcover.

Not only can you find this novel at your favorite independent bookstore and online (and ebook!), but you can also find it at Target in a special signed edition! That's right, because Target chose Shine Shine Shine for their July Book Club Pick, I signed thousands of pages that were bound into thousands of books! Now you can find a signed copy at Target, or order one from Target online.

Here's a picture of the special message I included for Target readers, photographed by my friend Susannah in an actual Target store in actual Chicago:

Much as I love being sold in a place that also sells my favorite shampoo and also beach balls, I also urge you to visit your independent bookseller if you have one! Having spent a lot of time traveling this summer and staying in rural places where bookstores are hours away, I feel very lucky to live one mile from a great store: Prince Books in Norfolk.

I would love to see your pictures of you with Shine Shine Shine, visiting Target or any store, or hanging out on your rocket ship, or playing video games with your robot. Would you post them on Facebook and tag me so I can see too? Here's one from a friend in California:


  1. I burst out laughing when I read your letter in the front of this book, as I can so relate to trying to be that perfect mom and feeling like at times I am failing miserably. I'd had one of those days preceding the night I bought this book. It hit the climatic point when the kids and I were sitting at a restaurant with my cousin discussing things my littlest "angel" 7 year old picky eater Bren would actually eat. As I was listing the foods, I got to boiled eggs. Then I hit my forehead and yelled "oh @&$ I left the eggs boiling on the stove" two hours ago, 60 miles away! No the house didn't burn down, luckily a friend has a key for when I lock myself out or can't find mine and was able to get there in time. But eggs did explode everywhere-the ceiling the floor, the top of the microwave! It was this night I had an epiphany that I needed to slow down, breath and buy a good book. And I grabbed shine shine shine!

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