Saturday, October 13, 2007

Take the Books to Disney World! Take them to Disney World!

Who wants to take a ride with me on Cinderella's Golden Carousel? Now put your hand down if you're not made out of literature. I’m going to take ten books to Disney World. Books that deserve it. Books that need it.

I have been trying to read Doctor Zhivago for several months, and between the lengthy surnames and all the railroads going this way and that, I am ready to conclude that what this book needs is to get out of Russia for a while. To ride the spinning teacups. To meet Donald Duck.

I can think of lots of books that need a trip to Disney World. Heart of Darkness. Bleak House. How about As I Lay Dying?

My books spend most of their time spread open, lying upside down. Periodically they get shoved into the diaper bag, where they get drowned in apple juice, squashed with M & Ms, and have to babysit Barbies. When I’m finished reading them, I publicly criticize their authors, make fun of their movie versions, and snicker at their cover art. What kind of life is this?

I’ll tell you another book I’m going to take to Disney World: Anxious Pleasures. Lance Olson’s publisher sent me a review copy months ago and I’ve been belligerently sitting on it, waiting to reread The Metamorphosis before I read this rewrite. A few rides on Space Mountain should put things right.

I’m going, I’m really going, in the middle of November. I might even take my children. But will I be able to get Ariel to pose with Moby Dick? Will they fine me for littering if The Bell Jar throws itself off the ferry railing? Will The Sun Also Rises get kicked off Small World for shouting at the animatronic children?

Do you have a book you think needs a trip to Disney World?


  1. What a great concept.

    Coming of age in Samoa could really use a trip to Disneyworld. So could Robington Mistry's A Fine Balance.

  2. Having worked at Disney, I say put the books to work. Some Disney rules for employ...I mean, cast members--no eye shadow, no eye liner, no blush, no lipstick (lip balm okay), no nail polish (unless clear), no dangling earrings, no hoop earrings, no necklaces, no bracelets, no more than one ring, no lots of other stuff. But you should wear foundation and mascara because "let's face it, everyone looks a little better with some make up." Surely some books could use similiar advice?

  3. At the moment I'm reading Lolita and my brain won't let me think about taking THAT book to Disneyland.

    Moving on...

    How about House of Sand And Fog? That's in need of some Disneyfication.

  4. Oh leave As I Lay Dying alone please? :-)

    But The Old Man And The Sea definitely would be improved by a little spin on the teacups.

  5. Taking books to Disney World?! OK, that's just ridiculous.

  6. Anna Karenina. Desperately needs Disneyworld.

    I was just there in June! I brought Bird by Bird. No need for mouse ears there.


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